Where to Sell Your Rhinestone T-Shirts

Apr 01 2014

Let’s say you just got your brand new rhinestone machine, mastered the software, know the hardware, and everything is up and running great.

Now What?

Most people that start new business like custom t-shirts, embroidery or have joined the latest craze in rhinestone t-shirts spend lots of time picking the right equipment. Lots of time picking the right rhinestone software http://www.rhinestonecamsmachines.com/hotfix-era. Lots and lots of time learning how to use it and coming up with incredibly cute designs.  And a tiny, tiny amount of time on how to get the word out and sell something!

This problem applies to every level of investment, by the way. If you just bought a plotter and some template material or if you stepped up and got a professional rhinestone transfer system, like the CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Machine found here, or even one of the new spangle transfer and t-shirt machines like the ProSpangle. Since that lack of planning INCLUDES not building a website to sell your products, we’re going to introduce you to a few easy ways to find customers online without one.


Believe it or not, people connect and buy things from friends all the time on Facebook. You can handle it one of 2 ways:

  1. Just post your sample designs, rhinestone t-shirts and decal pictures on your personal timeline. You can post prices, make sure everyone knows you do custom work and ask them to Message you for pricing.
  2. Start a Company Page – there are lots of different types of pages and you should pick the one that sounds right for your business. Once this is set up under your business name you can even put your FB address on your business cards! Here is some great guidance by Facebook about these kinds of pages: https://www.facebook.com/business/overview


Here’s a little secret.. there are TONS of real businesses that only sell stuff through Etsy! You don’t have the advantages of that built in customer base on Facebook, but Etsy will let you take orders right online. Just make sure you set up a PayPal account.

One of the main advantages to Etsy are that it IS a very social outlet. Take advantage of that by loading up lots of pictures of your products, share and comment. Be a part of the Etsy community and you’ll be rewarded with sales.


Go to eBay and search for “Rhinestone T-Shirts” right now. You will see there are over 292,000 results! It’s really cool because you can make these products using machines found on this website. Don’t be discouraged, that just means that people ARE selling rhinestone t-shirts, hats, car decals and all kinds of bling through eBay.

Just like with Etsy, pictures are King and Queen for getting sales. Take great pictures and post as many products and you can. Pay attention to the descriptions and how your product looks compared to everyone else’s. Then do a search as if you were a potential customer. Tweak your product listing and search again until you like what you see!

All these methods are great for selling your rhinestone clothing, wholesale rhinestone transfers or custom products. Some people never even build a website or e-commerce shopping cart for their custom t-shirt business and just rely on one or more of these channels.

Happy Selling!

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