A Simple Cost Saving Switch

In the summer, people usually pay less for gas because they aren’t using it as much, given that they’re running the air conditioner and not the heater. That wasn’t the case with me until I switched to a new gas company. Even though the only thing I was really using gas for was the hot water heater and the stove, I was still seeing the same prices that I would see if the heater were running. I changed when I saw a click here ad online and compared the prices to the ones that I was already paying.

Once the change to the new gas company was done, my gas bill looked a lot better. If only I could get my other bills to do the same. My water bill doesn’t go down, no matter how much water I try to conserve. I think there may be a leak in my home somewhere. Continue reading A Simple Cost Saving Switch

Horses Have Such Interesting Personalities

I remember growing up in town but having a dad who always wanted to own a farm. We would visit dad’s friends on the weekends, and they all had farms. I started riding horses bareback as a child. The horses only had a bridal for steering, and no saddle. I remember the first time riding in the fields and having so much fun. However, the next day my inner thighs ached something awful. I grew up to own horses, and now my wife and I buy childrens horse riding clothes for our daughters. They learned to ride horses without saddles, but they wear the uniforms and have fancy saddles for competitions. They are real horse kids who spend all their free time riding, grooming and learning how to compete.

They both have won a lot of ribbons, trophies and prizes. I am just a self-taught rider and so is my wife. We can ride rough trails and handle a horse even in tough terrain. Continue reading Horses Have Such Interesting Personalities

New to Texas but Having Fun Getting Used to How Things Are

I am still a Texas foreigner. That is what my coworker and new friend calls me. He also says I have a funny accent as I come from the northeastern part of the country. He is kind of joking about me and kind of being serious at the same time. I have never had the Texas experience before. It is a bit different, but my wife and I are getting used to it. I thought my cousin we were staying with for a month told me to look at the Regency at Outlook Canyon for nice apartments, but I had some of the details wrong. You can expect that to happen with a foreigner! The regency is in Lookout, not Outlook Canyon. Continue reading New to Texas but Having Fun Getting Used to How Things Are

One of the most popular cosplays right now is any of the Hetalia cosplay costumes. Hetalia: Axis Powers is a Japanese webcomic that was later adapted into a manga and anime series by Hidekaz Himaruya. It’s seen as an exaggerated allegory of politics and historical events, as well as throwing in some general cultural issues and comparisons. The characters are personified countries, regions, and micronations. Each character’s personality has aspects that are molded by positive and negative cultural influences and stereotypes.


Hetalia Cosplay Costumes


There are some main components to Hetalia cosplay costumes that really make up the characters. Overall, they can be done by beginners and experienced cosplayers alike. The main parts are:

  • Binders
  • Wigs
  • Contacts
  • Makeup – including covering brows and tattoos
  • The costumes themselves
  • Ahoges
  • Shoes

The following will provide you with some advice on each component. The Hetalia cosplay costumes can be bought in their entirety online, but customizing the aforementioned aspects will give your cosplay a more professional feel and, thus, is highly recommended.

To begin with, you will want to invest in binders. It is important to remember to NOT use Ace bandages. They are quite effective in binding down a chest, but that is because they are used to squeeze wounds and stop bleeding. The same thing will be happening to you when you wear them. With every breath you inhale, they will tighten around your chest. This could cause your ribs to crack or, at the very least, distort. Your chest will be in pain if you wear them for a long period of time, such as to a convention or a cosplay meetup. They will constrict your lungs.

Instead, use an actual binder. Hetalia cosplay costumes are layered, so it will not really be noticeable that you have a chest, even if you are above a B cup. Binders can be ordered online for in between 25 and 50 dollars. If this inconvenient, you can go for wearing two crop tops with sports bras. Wearing a sports bra backwards will further flatten your chest, and you should aim to get the smallest you can fit in.

Next, you want to invest in a good wig for your character. One of the best suppliers is Arda-Wigs. Most of them are around $30 before shipping. If you have not previously bought from them, it’s best to invest in their sample hair colors because the lighting can distort the color in pictures, so you may not end up with the color you expect.

You can cut and style them to fit your character. As for the ahoge, there is not much to it. Use some Got2B Glue and some Blasting Freeze Spray for the best results, and combine it with a hair dryer. Part the hairs you are going to use and, using the glue, apply liberally between the hairs. Make the shape you desire and hold it in place. Next, get the freezing spray and go to town on it. When you are done, keep holding it and use your blow dryer on the “cool” setting and blow dry it.

Contacts are the next step in your Hetalia cosplay costume, though they are not absolutely necessary. The website Shop Colored Contacts are highly reliable, and they offer realistic contacts that are less likely to cause eye irritation than some of the other suppliers out there.

Makeup can be a bit tricky. If you need to cover up your brows and sideburns, follow these steps:

  • Apply rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball to remove your skin’s natural oils.
  • Back comb Elmer’s glue into your brow or sideburn in a small, circular motion.
  • Use a brow comb to straighten and comb the hairs UP.
  • Use the rounded side of a spoon to smooth the hairs down in the same direction in which you combed the hair. Let it set. After it is dry, apply more glue in the same direction you combed and smooth out with a clean spoon. Do that two more times.
  • Clean the surrounding area with rubbing alcohol.
  • After the fourth application of glue, press translucent powder on top to diminish shine.
  • Apply foundation by stippling with a sponge and powder. Do this twice.
  • Now, you can apply any type of brow that your character has.

If you need to cover up any tattoos (depending on how serious you are about your Hetalia cosplay costume), follow these instructions:

  • Use a red lipstick to cover the outlines of your tattoo.
  • Pat on a light concealer and then set with setting powder.
  • Pat on a concealer that matches your skin tone.
  • Clean up any mistakes with baby wipes.
  • Use a fluffy brush to smooth it all out with foundation powder.
  • You’re good to go!

The shoes are pretty easy to find online, in consignment shops, thrift stores, or at the mall. You may have some around that could work, too. Remember to check images from different scenes to pick the one that best represents your character, so other cosplayers will know which Hetalia character you are portraying.

As for buying the costumes, cosplayful.com is the best place to buy full costumes. They also allow you to order commissions on things they do not currently have in stock. You can also find pieces at the mall that would work, depending on your budget and how much time you have to hunt around. However, you should most definitely avoid ordering from ebay and any of their aliases. They are a site with a horrible reputation in the cosplay community. The majority of the time you order from them, you will receive an incorrect product. They overprice for how low quality they are.

Good luck, and have fun with your Hetalia cosplay costume!