New to Texas but Having Fun Getting Used to How Things Are

I am still a Texas foreigner. That is what my coworker and new friend calls me. He also says I have a funny accent as I come from the northeastern part of the country. He is kind of joking about me and kind of being serious at the same time. I have never had the Texas experience before. It is a bit different, but my wife and I are getting used to it. I thought my cousin we were staying with for a month told me to look at the Regency at Outlook Canyon for nice apartments, but I had some of the details wrong. You can expect that to happen with a foreigner! The regency is in Lookout, not Outlook Canyon. Once I had the name right, I found the website for the apartments online.

I showed my wife the photo gallery of the apartments, and she was really impressed. I liked it, but being a guy I was looking at the swimming pool, the health club and the big clubhouse with billiards and much more. She was looking at the nice kitchen with the new black appliances and the sizes of the rooms. We moved because she is expecting, and I needed a much better paying job than I had back where we come from. There was work for me as a geologist with a newly earned advanced degree, and my cousin graciously let us stay with his family until we found a place.

It was only a week into our stay that we found the Regency at Outlook Canyon . . . I mean Lookout Canyon. I suppose it is because it is on Overlook Parkway that I keep getting it backwards. Anyway, I am glad my cousin suggested the place. It is really nice, and we are having our stuff from back east brought in next week. Maybe by this time next year I won’t be a Texas foreigner anymore!

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