Horses Have Such Interesting Personalities

I remember growing up in town but having a dad who always wanted to own a farm. We would visit dad’s friends on the weekends, and they all had farms. I started riding horses bareback as a child. The horses only had a bridal for steering, and no saddle. I remember the first time riding in the fields and having so much fun. However, the next day my inner thighs ached something awful. I grew up to own horses, and now my wife and I buy childrens horse riding clothes for our daughters. They learned to ride horses without saddles, but they wear the uniforms and have fancy saddles for competitions. They are real horse kids who spend all their free time riding, grooming and learning how to compete.

They both have won a lot of ribbons, trophies and prizes. I am just a self-taught rider and so is my wife. We can ride rough trails and handle a horse even in tough terrain. However, our little girls can run them and jump them like no one else I have ever seen. Our one horse, “Whinny,” is a real jumper. There is no keeping her fenced in if she does not want to be. I joke that we might as well leave the gates open to her pasture just to make it a little easier for her to get around the farm. If she gets tired of one pasture, she is over the fence into the next one.

She never wanders off the farm. She stays off the roads too. You might see her come up to the back porch when she wants a treat, but she stays on the property. It is like she knows it is her home and that she needs to stay close. Horses are such interesting creatures. They are like people in that each one has their own personality quirks.

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